If your primary and most immediate need is to grow enrollment, this is a great place to begin. A Starter Membership provides the strategies, tools, and guidance necessary to engage your stakeholders, sell your program, and manage the admissions funnel as your enrollment numbers grow.

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Leveraging extensive research on enrollment best practices, we created the following resources to help schools create an enrollment strategy and streamline the admissions process: 

- Initial discovery call to identify your enrollment needs

- Video courses designed to help grow enrollment

- Templates for admissions planning and execution

- Reporting tools for admissions tracking and analysis


  • Who is School Growth?

    We are education organizational designers who have successfully enabled the growth goals of thousands of schools throughout North America and around the world. Our services include leadership training, growth planning, and implementation support.

    We are audaciously committed to growing schools and the people who have the courage to lead them. School leadership is first and foremost building a team of incredibly gifted educators and then loving them like they are.

  • Is a long term contract required?

    No. You can opt out of your membership agreement at any time with no additional commitment.

  • Can this membership level be changed as needs arise?

    Yes, you can begin at the level that is right for you today and then move up or down based on emerging needs.

    For example, you may opt to start at the Basic level and then move up for a few months to a Premium Membership in order to design a Strategic Growth Plan for your school or manage through the search for a new head and the resulting leadership transition.

  • What's different about School Growth?

    Education leadership is a human endeavor that changes the trajectory of people’s lives. We get the complexities and challenges of this noble calling and have designed pathways to grow schools and the people who have the courage to lead them.

    • We believe that education is the pathway to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    • We believe that Sustainably Excellent Schools provide the best environment for Talented, Energized, Engaged Educators to Change the World!

    • We believe every student deserves to learn from a talented, energized, engaged educator, and every educator deserves to work in an environment where they know they are loved and can hone their gifts to change lives.

    • We believe disciplined leadership is critical to overcome the dysfunctional systems and behaviors that limit the quality and impact of schools.

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