If your primary and most immediate need is to grow enrollment, this is a great place to begin. A Starter Membership provides the strategies, tools, and guidance necessary to engage your stakeholders, sell your program, and manage the admissions funnel as your enrollment numbers grow.

Leveraging extensive research on enrollment best practices, we created the following resources to help schools create an enrollment strategy and streamline the admissions process: 

- Initial discovery call to identify your enrollment needs

- Video courses designed to help grow enrollment

- Templates for admissions planning and execution

- Reporting tools for admissions tracking and analysis

Starter Services Include

  • Growth Opportunity Assessment

    An initial discovery call helps us learn about you and your school, your goals, and your current situation. Based on our best practices and benchmarks, we'll provide guidance on the most impactful next steps needed to accelerate your Growth Plan. From this candid and confidential conversation, we’ll provide recommendations and specific resources to help you meet your goals.

  • Enrollment Growth Courses

    The following video courses are designed to grow enrollment and include templates and/or guidelines for planning and execution.

    - How to Design an Enrollment Growth Plan

    - How to Build a Faculty Engagement

    - How to Maximize Summer Enrollment

    - How to Create a Parent Ambassador Program

    - Strategic Year-Round Enrollment Management

    - Executive Coaching Webinar

    - Key Intelligences of Highly Effective Educators

  • Monthly Teacher Engagement Videos

    Your faculty and staff have a direct impact on your enrollment. Their attitudes and behavior toward your school directly affect the culture and student life you provide. Collectively, they can be one of your strongest selling points, or your weakest.

    In these monthly, professional development videos, we share encouragement and guidance on the three disciplines of Leadership Capacity that enable school growth: talent, energy, and engagement. The videos include:

    - How to build better relationships with peers and families

    - Habits to support a healthy culture

    - Ways to improve their impact as a school ambassador

    Leveraging our extensive research into the habits, attitudes, and behaviors of effective educators, the faculty videos reveal the top characteristics of those who contribute at the highest level to school culture.

  • Monthly Executive Coaching Webinars

    Each phase of the school year places unique demands on the Board, leadership, and faculty. Based on our research and experience, we produce and share timely and practical guidance on how to grow. We specifically focus on the Three Evidences of Effective School Leadership:

    Presence: How to increase your executive presence as a leader, developing your emotional intelligence, personal brand, and quality of interactions

    People: Steps to improve the quality of your personnel and culture, delivering on the core of your mission and organizational promises

    Progress: How to make clear and verifiable progress on your goals, building trust and confidence with your stakeholders

    SGN Starter Members can participate in the live webinar session, and will have on-demand access to each monthly recording.

  • Online Video Training Library

    The School Growth Online Training Library includes titles on professional development to grow enrollment, organizational health, leadership capacity, fundraising, board effectiveness, communication quality, school culture, and so much more. Through your SGN Starter membership you have on-demand access to these resources, and all of the new materials that are added each year.

  • Email Support

    As a Starter member, you’ll enjoy unlimited email support. We’re available to walk through the situation at hand and provide responsive feedback and potential solutions.

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