Growth Plan
Design & Implementation

Whether you want to grow enrollment, create a strategic plan, increase faculty quality and engagement, navigate a leadership transition, fix a dysfunctional culture, respond to increased competition, or all of the above – the Premium membership provides the tools and consulting services you need to meet your goals and achieve sustainable growth.

  • Silver Membership

    The Silver Membership is ideal where the leadership will do all of the work, they just need the expertise and guidance to plan, anticipate, and execute. We'll provide online training, tools, and support to meet your goals.

  • Gold Membership

    Sharing the workload is an important priority for many schools because the time commitment to plan and execute is significant. We'll collaborate with your leadership with both online and onsite work sessions.

  • Platinum Membership

    The Platinum level is for those who want comprehensive support with monthly onsite work sessions and hands-on guidance to develop the disciplines, overcome the obstacles, and accelerate to excellence.

100% of the schools that have completed the School Growth Plan journey have achieved their goals

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Premium Services Include

  • School Growth Strategic Plan

    A School Growth Plan is distinctive because the result is much more than a common strategic plan with a list of goals that often becomes a “shelf document.”

    What you really want is to lead the transformation into a Learning Organization that listens more, serves better, and achieves sustainable excellence.

    The quest for Sustainable Excellence begins with a data-driven plan that is context-specific and relationship-focused. We'll guide you through the Seven Stages to design a School Growth Plan that includes learning, listening, reflection, dialogue, innovation, and commitment.

    Stage 1 begins with a two-day Leadership Retreat that sets the tone and pace for the work ahead.

    Stage 2 Data collection for Market Analysis takes the most time, and then momentum starts to build as the vision, story, and priorities take shape.

    The financial strategy and creation of the presentation materials to build engagement then conclude the process.

    100% of the schools that have completed the School Growth Plan process have achieved their growth goals and emerged as much stronger organizations.

  • 90-Day Progress Plan

    Strategic plans are important for casting vision and establishing a path to differentiation, but growth happens through short-term execution. Our proprietary 90-Day Progress Plan is a game changer and will help your team develop the disciplines for a culture of accountability. When you start delivering on your promises, you build confidence with your board, faculty, and families.

    It's proven that the best way to achieve momentum and build greater trust in your leadership is through a 90-Day Plan. We’ll focus on achieving incremental goals that energize and engage faculty and families. By achieving measurable success over shorter periods of time, you strengthen all three key areas of discipline: Leadership Capacity, Organizational Health, and Continuous Improvement.

    We give you the tools to manage your plan, including guidance on weekly meetings to create a healthy culture of accountability.

  • Enrollment Strategy & Management

    Nearly all of the school's goals and plans hinge on revenue through enrollment. Effective enrollment leadership requires a commitment to the disciplines of year-round enrollment management and relational engagement.

    Each quarter of the school year has different requirements of the admissions office to achieve your revenue goals. We guide you through the year with training and tools to simplify the processes of enrollment, improve forecasting and reporting, and maximize engagement with all stakeholders.

  • Market & Situation Analysis

    Adapting and growing in today's rapidly changing education market requires a higher level of commitment to accurate data and effective analysis.

    This data is extremely valuable to set and achieve your school growth goals, giving you insights about your target market of families and identifying opportunities to enhance the value proposition and experience.

    We guide you through the process of collecting and using vital data sources to provide critical feedback and improve leadership decision making. Mastering the data gives you enormous credibility and competitive advantages.

  • Communication Protocol & Plan

    K-12 Schools are unusually complex organizations. Effectively managing this ecosystem of emotionally engaged relationships requires highly developed communication disciplines and habits.

    We’ll train you on the Sequence, Frequence, and Flow of communication to build and sustain trust among your faculty, families, and community.

    We will also guide you through the development of a Communication Protocol and Plan, and provide access to templates (e.g., letters, emails, etc.) and provide editing support as needed.

  • Strategic HR & Talent Development

    Faculty quality and engagement is the most important factor to optimize student growth, enrollment growth, and overall school performance. Beyond Compliance HR, we help you implement Strategic HR techniques and processes to more effectively build a team of talented, energized, engaged educators.

    We’ll show you how to create the best environment for faculty to thrive and ensure progressively improving personnel. Together we’ll create a Performance Rubric to clarify and communicate expectations through Core Values that enable behavioral alignment, and implement a process for more accurate assessment of faculty quality with coaching. The positive impact on your culture and leadership will be powerfully energizing to your team.

  • Financial Health Assessment

    The financial health of the school is critical to achieve long-term sustainable excellence. This is NOT a financial audit, but it will provide guidance on how to improve the financial performance of the organization based on benchmarks, best practices, and experience.

    This analysis will be conducted in light of your mission, culture, and market to achieve three objectives:

    - Initial review of financial and performance

    - Analysis of organizational structure Identification of opportunities for cost savings

    - Identification of new revenue options

    The resulting observations and recommendations can be used to optimize the financial model of the school and fund growth strategies.

  • Board Training

    Board training is customized to maximize engagement and impact. Our unique programs include:

    - Health Board Culture

    - The Four Stages of Board Development

    - Fundamentals of Board Leadership: Vision, Viability & Visibility

  • Faculty Training

    Faculty professional development is usually a priority, but often is weighted toward improved instructional practice with less investment in the skills and habits that contribute to a healthy culture and stronger relationships.

    We have created highly effective training for faculty that addresses the skills of professional practice, customer service, servant leadership, communication, self-awareness, collaboration, and so much more.