Who We Are

School Growth is an international education strategy company that was founded by Scott Barron in 2008. Recognizing the escalating dynamics and complexities within the entire K-12 market space, the company focused on the quality of talent throughout the organization and the leadership capacity to accelerate improvement.

With a central office near Atlanta, GA, Scott, Tammy, and the School Growth team deliver professional development and growth services to a wide genre of private, charter, and public schools, cross-pollinating valuable wisdom and best practices across these distinct leaders and organizations.

Meet the Team

Founder & Chief Reinvention Officer

Scott Barron

Scott is the Founder and Chief Reinvention Officer of School Growth LLC. He is passionate about transforming schools and communities through more effective leadership.

After leading an education technology company for almost a decade, Scott earned an M.Ed in Education Administration from Johns Hopkins University, and worked 14 years as the head of three independent schools. Based on his experience delivering training and services to thousands of private, charter, and public schools around the world over the last decade, he designed the School Growth Design Framework and a methodology for strategic planning that is data-driven and tailored to the unique context of each school.

Scott has served on school boards, teaches communication and education entrepreneurship classes for higher ed institutions, and serves as the Executive Director of the School Growth Foundation. He has delivered presentations and keynote addresses for conferences and events in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


Tammy Barron

Tammy has a multifaceted background that reflects her broad range of expertise. Following her studies in chemical engineering and journalism, she completed an interdisciplinary degree program and began her career in education. She has a distinct passion for learning, teaching, and improving. After serving as a teacher at multiple levels for ten years, Tammy took on the challenge of building the brand and enrollment for a large private school. She developed the processes for growth, built a high performing team, coordinated marketing plans, refined the brand, and achieved the multimillion dollar revenue goals every year.

Operational excellence and data intelligence are the two primary contributions Tammy makes to the School Growth team. She is uniquely talented at defining and executing optimal workflows, anticipating the needs of clients, giving direction and feedback, and extracting key decision points from the databases that we are constantly building and curating.

Chief Operations Officer

Grace Lee

Grace brings a wealth of international education and disciplined innovation leadership to School Growth. She has extensive experience in guiding clients through the implementation of data-driven strategies and delivering quality improvement initiatives. She is distinctly gifted at discerning the target market and ideal value proposition, reading between the lines to create transformative growth. Grace finds new ways to integrate data and leverage technology to maximize the return-on-investment.

Grace is the coordinator of our proprietary process for rapid planning and professional development. In crafting the experience for each client, she keeps everyone focused and accountable in order to make innovation less stressful and highly productive. With experience as an entrepreneur and educator, Grace brings a unique perspective that is highly valued.

What We Believe

School Growth’s leadership focuses on the human and interpersonal assets of each organization because the joy of learning and of life is rooted in relationships. 

Over the last 13 years we have enjoyed the privilege of delivering resources and services to thousands of schools across many different countries. Educators join the School Growth Network to achieve their goals because we simplify the journey to Sustainable Excellence.

Senior Consultants

Senior Consultant

Dr. Roy Alexander

Roy brings a unique blend of educational leadership, business, and financial acumen to our School Growth partners. His passion and purpose is to maximize the potential of each individual and organization, bringing them to new levels of understanding, effectiveness, and compassion. Over his almost two decades in education, Roy has served as a Head of School, Interim Head of School, Assistant Head, Development Director, Department Head, and teacher, holding leadership positions in Methodist, Presbyterian, and non-religiously affiliated institutions. He has also merged several educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Additionally, Roy has served as the Chairman of the Board of several non-profits, and has served as the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) for 10 years. His financial acumen has helped numerous organizations through financial crises, re-organization, and acquisitions.

Prior to his career in independent school education, he spent over 25 years as the CEO, President, and Vice-President of several multi-million dollar for-profit organizations. He was directly responsible for the acquisition, funding, merging, and sale of numerous companies and organizations.

For both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, Roy developed strategic initiatives for numerous organizations for the acquisition, merging, or improvement of their cultural relationships and the obtainment of financial sustainability. Roy earned a BS in Production and Operations Management, a MBA, and Doctor of Education. Roy brings to our School Growth partners strategic planning, operational and financial strategic analysis, his extensive knowledge, and his passion for the pursuit of excellence for both individuals and organizations.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Amy Swann

Dr. Amy Swann is an Innovation Fellow at The Mind Trust in Indianapolis, the Chief Academic Officer for Matchbook Learning (MBL), and a Senior Consultant for School Growth. She has spent the last 15+ years improving failing schools in Danville & Lexington KY, Newark NJ, Detroit MI, and D.C. Under her academic guidance MTA elementary in Detroit made double digit proficiency gains for students at all grade levels in both reading and math taking their state ranking from the bottom 3% to over 11%. Under Dr. Swann’s leadership, Bate Middle school in Kentucky, went from being a “state watch list school” to being named one of the first national P21 Exemplar schools. Dr. Swann’s work with performance assessments, project based learning, and personalized learning has been featured widely in publications including the Harvard Letter, District Administration, on the Next Generation Learning Challenges site, on PBS News Hour, on KET, and in Tom Vander Ark’s Getting Smart blog. In addition, Dr. Swann’s leadership has been documented and written about in books such as: Five Critical Leadership Practices: The Secret to High Performing Schools by R. Ash & P. Hodge (2016), Beyond Measure: Rescuing an overscheduled, over tested, underestimated generation by Abeles, V. & Rubenstein, G. (2015), and The Test by Kamenetz, A. (2015). In addition to the national work that Dr. Swann has done, she has also spoken and published papers internationally during International Symposiums on Education Leadership in Jyvaskyla Finland, at the University of Shanghai, and in Uppsala, Sweden.